Alberobello Experience is also tradition: let’s learn dialect!

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U Mest: il dialetto popolare è tradizione.

Walking through the streets of Alberobello, you might hear some of the words of local dialect, an actual language still used and spoken especially by people living in trulli! So, if you wish to live a unique #Alberobelloexperience, try to learn some of the most common words of our dialect

Word of the day: Mèst!

Mèst is a word used to identify an artisan, a person who’s able not only to do his/her job with master craftsmanship, but who can also teach and transmit his/her knowledge to others.

Generally speaking, u mèst is also a construction worker, the person who leads and monitors building operations.

U mèst truller plays a crucial role for the territory of #Alberobello and the #ItriaValley, but this figure is becoming more and more rare. U mèst truller  is an expert in the art of building and restoring trulli, a person able to shape and model local limestone. Nowadays, in the trulli area the figure of mèst truller is slowly disappearing and this is the reason why the restoration of trulli is a very expensive and complex operation.

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