The Itria Valley: a natural terrace on trulli

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Valle d'Itria - Alberobello Experience

The Itria Valley is that part of Puglia including the highest number of trulli and stone buildings; located in the heart of the Murgia dei trulli, it is a stunning valley gathering the towns of Cisternino, Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Ceglie Messapica, Fasano, Ostuni and, last but not least, Alberobello.

The name Itria would derive from the cult of Virgin Hodegetria (in Greek δηγήτρια, literally: “she who shows the way”) imported into this land by Byzantine Empire in the X century.

The Itria Valley includes both trulli buildings and small farms. Its towns have all spectacular historical centres characterised by ancient churches and monuments, whitewashed houses with flowered balconies and narrow and tangled streets paved with local chianche. These cities look like precious stones set in a breathtaking green landscape of olive trees that can be admired from the several terraces typical of this area.

These terraces give you the chance to enjoy some of the most stunning views of the region.

As for food, the cuisine of the valley offers a wide range of typical dishes to choose from such as carne al fornello (roasted meat), the capocollo (cured pork meat) of Martina Franca or the white wines of Locorotondo.

A suggestion from Alberobello Experience? Visit these towns at evening when the atmosphere is striking and magical and seize the chance to have a dinner here; you cannot go back home without tasting delicious grilled bombette, salsicce and gnumereddi.  

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