Rione Monti: the shopping district of Alberobello!

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Rione Monti

In 1996 Alberobello was inscribed in the Unesco World Heritage List (WHL).  The WHL includes a number of monuments and areas of the town of trulli, one of which is neighbour Rione Monti.

Before being included in the prestigious Unesco list, Rione Monti had already been declared National Monument in 1910. The neighbour is located in the south of the town and covers an area of 15 hectares. The eight stunning streets embracing Rione Monti, through which visitors can breath the authentic atmosphere of Alberobello, lead to the top of a hill where the wonderful trullo church of Sant’Antonio is located.

The most famous streets are Via Monte Nero, Via Monte Pasubio and Via Monte San Michele. In this area it is also possible to admire a unique building called “Trullo Siamese” (Twin Trullo), whose roof is made of two assembled cones.

Rione Monti counts 1,030 trulli located on a hillside overlooking a wide square, Largo della Foggia.

Most of the trulli of Rione Monti are used as tourist reception facilities, shops and artisan workshops, where it is possible to buy local handmade products.

It is certainly the most commercial area of Alberobello, we may define it an actual “shopping district”. Many argue about the authenticity of such aspect; what do we think about it? Commerce is a vital part of our town’s history; many of the shops of Rione Monti were opened decades ago and are the symbol of strong family traditions. Therefore, we ask visitors to think of commercial practice as a folkloric aspect of Alberobello, a precious nuance of an already rich immaterial heritage.

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