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Carnevale di Putignano - Alberobello Experience

Dear friends, it’s time to have fun with carnival, the craziest and most amazing event of the year!!! The capital of carnival in Puglia is Putignano, at just 6 miles (10 km) from Alberobello. The carnival of Putignano has very ancient origins and dates back to 1,394.

Starting from January 31, Puglia will host its main carnival show with spectacular parades of papier-mache floats and confetti rains. The parades will be repeated on February 8,15 and 17, with important guests, music and fun for all ages.

Food and wine tradition marks every kind of celebration in Puglia and carnival is not an exception!!!

Carnival, indeed, has its special recipes and dishes and those who come to Puglia in this period will have the chance to taste these delicious products. Chiacchiere, whose literal translation is chit-chat, are doubtless the typical dish of carnival in Puglia. They are crunchy fritters topped with icing sugar and have such a curious name because the noise the sweets make when you eat them recalls that of chit-chatting.

Another typical food of carnival in Puglia, and especially of carnival of Putignano, is farinella, a flour milled from roasted chickpeas, with the addition of barley and salt. It works well as an addition to tomato sauce or as a topping on potatoes and boiled vegetables. It can be served with some drops of Apulian extra virgin olive oil as well.

Farinella is also the name of the figure representing the carnival of Putignano. It dates back to the Fifties and was invented by graphic designer Mimmo Castelllano. Its costume is made of multi-coloured patches with bells sewn on the three tips of the hat and other bells on the shoes and collar…similar to the jester.

With Farinella and many other funny characters, we wait for you for an extraordinary and funny carnival in Puglia and, obviously, the carnival wouldn’t be perfect without a long stop in the wonderful and fairy-tale town of trulli, where you can live your own #Alberobelloexperience !

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