What’s #Alberobelloexperience?

#Alberobelloexperience is a destination blog aiming at supporting the tourist promotion of #Alberobello and of the #ItriaValley through the voices of its inhabitants.

The land of trulli represents an extraordinary tourist attractor not only because of the incomparable historical and architectural heritage left by trulli, but also because of the important synergy between nature, culture and tradition that deeply marks this territory.

This blog aims at leading to #Alberobello an increasing number of “aware” visitors, people willing to live a real and unique experience.

#Alberobelloexperience wants, indeed, to portray #Alberobello and the # ItriaValley through the loving voices and eyes of those who actually live in such a spectacular land.

We want to provide a different and less stereotyped image of trulli; we want to give voice to an untold story that common tourist books and guides have mostly ignored. We will try to achieve such a goal through the support of social media, by telling news, events and curiosities of every kind.

What do we ask our readers? To live with us this #Alberobelloexperience.

Domenico Pugliese

Domenico holds a Master’s degree in Tourism Economy (University of Bologna – dept. of Rimini) and has also completed a Master’s program in Hotel Management. He gained experience in the field of exhibition and hotel business and, over the last few years, he has been responsible for the administrative operations of a number of reception and accommodation centres in Emilia Romagna: Holiday Inn Hotel (Rimini), “La Sangiovesa” restaurant (Santarcangelo di Romagna) and “Tenuta Saiano” agritourism (Montebello di Poggio Torriana).

Now he works mainly in Puglia as a consultant and manager in the tourism and hospitality sector.

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Sabina Sgobba

Sabina holds a Master’s degree in Tourism Economy and Management (University of Bologna – dept. of Rimini) and collaborates as a tourism researcher with several Italian public authorities and universities. Her studies focus mainly on the economic and tourist impact of the inscription of a specific site in the UNESCO world heritage list and on the role played by inhabitants in local tourism policies.

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